Increase conversion rate by 22% with dynamic product photos

Stop leaving money on the table with manual merchandising. Bloom uses AI to show each shopper the product photos most likely to convert.

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Cutting-edge AI to maximize purchases

Bloom syncs shopper information with product photo data, delivering a custom photo experience to each shopper.

Show each user the product photos likeliest to lead to purchase. Bloom runs thousands of real-time A/B tests and serves the best photo for each user, with no additional latency.

We monitor every interaction, from zooms to swipes, and factor in user data, device type, time of day, location, behavior, and more.

Auto-optimize with Bloom.

You optimize everywhere else. Why not start auto-optimizing the assets that take up 70% of the screen on mobile?

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Sit back and watch as Bloom increases conversion rates by optimizing product photos.

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